How To Take Your Career From Ordinary To Extraordinary!


What You Will Learn On This Free Online Workshop:

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Discover A Plan To Stand Out And Stand Strong… so you can uplevel your career. (No more feeling lost in the shuffle with no direction.)

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Learn The Best Way To Build Relationships The Right Way With The Right People… so that the days of being left behind and overlooked are over.

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How To Create a Crystal Clear Vision Of Where You Want To Go… so that you can shed your uncertainty and doubt.

Do you want to learn how to lead and succeed as you uplevel your career? Our free live online workshop gives you an overview of how to take your career from ordinary to extraordinary and thrive as you move up into leadership positions. You’ll gain insights from renowned professional coaches Jesse and Lisa Ferrell and learn how to rise to the occasion, stand out, and stand strong.

Your HostsJesse & Lisa Ferrell

Together since 2007, Jesse and Lisa Ferrell have not only partnered in creating a successful marriage, they’ve also partnered in building and running successful businesses together. Lisa joined Jesse’s business JessTalk Speaking & Coaching Firm in 2013, where Jesse provides speaking and coaching services while Lisa serves as the Vice President of Sales & Marketing. They have also co-hosted many projects together including their own radio show, Let’s JessTalk Radio, a podcast called Conversations, and a weekly Facebook Live show called Unleash Your Power & Ask. They are also co-writing their first book together, How You Leave Them Feeling – Discover How To Build Relationship Equity.

Both had successful careers and businesses in their own right before coming together to ignite their strengths and talents even more. They both graduated from Coach U and were each mentored by Brian Tracy, who inspired them to do what they're doing today.  Combined, Jesse and Lisa have over 160,000 hours of professional speaking and success coaching under their belt.

Lisa started as a sales assistant at ABC-TV, then a media buyer, and eventually moved into sales which was her true passion in helping people build their businesses. Her desire to help others grow transferred over naturally when she started coaching and helping women live and design their best lives. In 2013, after 24 years in broadcast sales, Lisa retired from the corporate world to earn her PhD - her “Personal Happiness Decision.” Through her company LisaListen, she continues to inspire women to live and design their best lives—now.

Jesse has 36 years of hospitality and gaming industry experience. He started as a bus boy and moved up to the highest levels of management as Executive Director of Casino Marketing. Jesse has been speaking from the stage professionally for over 28 years and coaching professionals for more than 18 years. In over three decades Jesse has built relationships with and touched the lives of Whoopie Goldberg, Bruce Willis, Muhammad Ali, former world champion tennis player Zina Garrison, and world champion bull rider Charles Sampson — just to name a few.

Jesse graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) with a fine arts degree and a second baccalaureate in hotel administration. He went back to UNLV to serve as an adjunct professor for six years. His signature in the world is to leave others feeling great and wanting more which led him to author his book, How You Leave Them Feeling. The bedrock of his teaching is the Platinum Rule: treat others how they want to be treated. Jesse has an edutainment speaking style as he brings entertainment to education.

Jesse and Lisa were inspired to continue working together in creating The Breakthrough Success Plan, a “Signature Branding, Leadership Development, and Opportunity Creation” system for business professionals. What makes this program dynamic and unique is their male and female perspectives together with their vast professional experience. They have very different styles of coaching. Jesse is a natural born teacher and very methodical. Lisa is more direct and bottom line, with a what you see is what you get approach. Their passion of sharing their best gifts and talents expressed over the years is now offered to professionals like you, who want to share their best gifts and talents so they can get promoted and move to greater heights in their careers. Jesse and Lisa's wish is to see you do just that, and they are here to assist you every step of the way!

Just reserve your seat today in their upcoming webinar and Jesse and Lisa will show you how to crush your next level promotion and beyond!

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