Reviews for Jesse, Lisa and The Breakthrough Success Plan

"If there's things in life that you may find yourself putting off, delaying because you don't think you can get through it, not quite ready to deal with it... I would recommend giving Jesse and Lisa a call."

Anthony Williams
Senior Corporate Executive
MGM Resorts International


Sheree Hunter

"The Break Through Success Plan has been a life changing course for me. After my mother passed away back in April 2012, I began to experience challenges in the way I take care of business and put my affairs in order. I lost my ability to manage money and my desire to open the mail. One would think because I am a psychology major, I would spot this change immediately and recognize it for what it’s worth, grief at its highest form. After taking this course, it began to wake some things up in me, starting with the color code. Discovering who I am by nature and nurture allowed me to let go of some guilt/pain and seek out my strengths.

The G.R.A.S.P Personal and Professional work sheet as well as the Developing a positive mental attitude helped me get back into the game of life. Learn to live your life from what you have and stop living your life from what you don’t have helped me realize my strengths. When I began to write out my gratitude list, it was pretty long. This process absolutely strengthened my awareness and help me to focus on bringing more positive things in my life."

"Lisa has this quiet, peaceful warrior type of feel which makes most people feel safe... with Jesse, it's this magnificent smile and also a gentle giant. It's very comforting."

Sondra Pariser
Sales and Advertising


Poppy Helgren

"The key principles in module 5 should be a must for new employees wanting to move up the ladder. Great info and good to listen to. Even though I have been a nurse for 35 years and feel grounded and not "green" this is very helpful to me.

This is just what is needed for what is confronting me at work. The poor communication there is the basis of our problems there. Can hardly wait to go through the modules!  I wish I knew I could design my life, as a young girl. I know I have done well but I could have done so much better if I had designed what I really wanted my life to look like. When we first talked about this I was dumbstruck by such an idea. I do believe this is possible even for someone my age."

"I came away from this workshop and I was BLOWN AWAY. Jesse is a masterful communicator. Jesse kept myself and the entire group engaged and entertained."

Stormy Andrews
Yokel Local Internet Marketing Founder


Dr. Della Harrison

"I felt very connected to you during the course and understanding the color code was key for me. The strongest modules for me were Create Vision, Strategic Thinking and Create Value…Life changing!"

"Jesse and Lisa are so inspirational. I am blown away by how knowledgeable they are. I'm excited to take my next step with them."

Natasha Gonzales
Assistant Food and Beverage Director


Jenny Murphy

"Love love love the graphics for Grasp key principles. I’ve never seen anything that slick!"

"I've been through these type of events before, but I learned a lot more this time around. I'll be pushing this as soon as I get back to work."

William Campbell
Engineer Team Leader at Mandalay Bay