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Our Breakthrough Success Plan is a Signature Branding, Leadership Development, and Opportunity Creation system for business professionals just like you. Jesse and Lisa will show you how to crush your next level promotion and beyond. Over the next 9 weeks, you’ll gain the CLARITY and TOOLS to implement what you learn into creating a CAREER you love!

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The online portion of the program includes LIFETIME ACCESS to 9 power-packed video-based modules in your secure members area.


Your signature is your personal brand. It’s how people see you and what they say about you when you're not in the room. Signature branding is becoming less of a competitive edge and more of a requirement for anyone looking to grow and advance in their career. As you develop an infectious signature, people will not only take notice, but keep you top of mind when advancement opportunities arise.

Emotional Intelligence

  • How to create strong connections to those who matter most so you stand out as the go-to person, not only by your boss, but as a strong leader for your team. End feeling disconnected and missing out on opportunities to build those important relationships.
  • Discover an invaluable process in how to really get people! A must if you lack an understanding of other personality types and their communication styles.
  • How to tune in to what drives you and others. Stop misreading or not knowing the motives of those you work with.

Personal Growth

  • Discover a process to prepare you in moving to the next level of personal and professional achievement. Stop being overlooked and unrecognized for your contributions.
  • How to develop a positive attitude that impacts your work performance and everyone around you. Move out of being stuck in a glass half empty pessimistic state of mind.
  • How to ignite your passion and create excitement in your work and life again. Overcome low self-esteem, stress, fear, resentment, anger and being disengaged from your work and life.

Own Your Strengths

  • How to build greater confidence just by being you. Let go of overcompensating for your weaknesses because you’re afraid what people might think if they were to ever see them.
  • How to let yourself shine by sharing what you do best. Stop hiding your best features by shrouding yourself with insecurity.
  • How to build trust by letting your values be your guide. Keep from weakening the trust with those who matter most.


There are countless leadership programs on the market today that claim to help you with leadership skills and building relationships. We chose to design an entirely new offering, based on empirical data drawn from real life professional relationship breakdowns that we were called in to help repair over the past thirty-six years. Simply stated, our Leadership Development program was born from observations and experience!

Relationship Building

  • How to find solutions by acknowledging and understanding the challenges you face. It's time to take off the blinders, end skirting around the issues, and stop pretending like everything's just fine as is.
  • How to become a strong leader for your team. Gain clarity on fulfilling and delegating responsibilities so you can prevent taking on too much or passing what's yours off on others.
  • How to build solid relationship foundations that continue to grow and strengthen. Move beyond connecting on a surface level only which can jeopardize the kinds of relationship necessary for your advancement.

Effective Communication

  • How to become an active listener so people know you care and that they matter to you! Don’t be caught missing key information of what people share with you and having to wiggle your way through conversations.
  • How to get people’s attention through the power of words. Stop feeling like your words are going in one ear and out the other.
  • How to build instant connection through harnessing the power of nonverbal communication. Stop sending the wrong message with unbecoming facial cues, posture, and body movements.

Fuel Inspiration

  • How to get your team motivated and performing at their greatest potential. Be done with dragging people along trying to get them to do their work.
  • How to effectively address problems that leave people feeling encouraged with a strong desire to improve! Stop beating people over the head with what they’re doing wrong as you just keep addressing the same old problems again and again.
  • Discover how to tap into people’s deepest desires through connection and relatability. Keep your people from feeling disengaged and thinking to themselves, “Do I even want to do this?”


Your  desire and ability to create opportunity is supported by your ability to create vision, strategic thinking, and to create value! You will learn how “what matters most” to you affects your ability for opportunity creation. You will be able to strike a clear picture of exactly what you want to achieve. Using your best, gifts and talents will lead you to discovering your purpose, and your purpose will help you create your vision for success!

Create Vision

  • Discover exactly what you need to do to create a clear and powerful vision. Feel inspired instead of discouraged and lost in a cloudy vision.
  • How to utilize your best gifts and talents so you feel confident and secure. Let go of questioning your true value and feeling like you're standing on shaky ground.
  • How to gain clarity and prioritize what matters most so those things become the guideposts that move you toward your dreams and vision.  Stop feeling out of balance and out of alignment with the life you want.

Strategic Thinking

  • How to be a step ahead of everyone else so you come out winning at the highest levels. Don’t be caught behind the eight ball watching everyone else come up with the best strategies.
  • How to become masterful at making the best decisions. Stop losing out on advancement opportunities because you’re sitting on a fence trying to figure out what to do.
  • How to be proactive, flexible and anticipate change as you roll out your action plans. Don't let unexpected circumstances catch you off guard and keep you from achieving your goals.

Create Value

  • How to gain greater recognition by always bringing NEW value to the table. End complacency in your career from resting on your laurels.
  • How to increase value over time to gain residual payoffs along the way. Stop letting opportunities pass you by because you’re only showing up when you feel like it.
  • How to deliver a powerful impact by creating greater quality to the service you provide. Move past just getting by with the bare minimum.

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Monthly Pmt Plan


Per Month
  • Lifetime Access To The Breakthrough Success Plan
  • 9 Weekly Breakthrough Strategy Sessions
  • 2 Tickets to 1-Day Live Event
  • 4 Private Sessions with Jesse or Lisa -OR - 2 Private Sessions with Jesse & Lisa
  • 3  Additional Weekly Breakthrough Strategy Sessions
  • 2 Tickets to Additional 1-Day Live Event
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100% Money Back Guarantee

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Jesse & Lisa Ferrell

About the creators of The Breakthrough Success Plan

Together since 2007, Jesse and Lisa Ferrell have not only partnered in creating a successful marriage, they’ve also partnered in building and running successful businesses together. Lisa joined Jesse’s business JessTalk Speaking & Coaching Firm in 2013, where Jesse provides speaking and coaching services while Lisa serves as the Vice President of Sales & Marketing. They have also co-hosted many projects together including their own radio show, Let’s JessTalk Radio, a podcast called Conversations, and a weekly Facebook Live show called Unleash Your Power & Ask. They are also co-writing their first book together, How You Leave Them Feeling – Discover How To Build Relationship Equity.

Both had successful careers and businesses in their own right before coming together to ignite their strengths and talents even more. They both graduated from Coach U and were each mentored by Brian Tracy, who inspired them to do what they’re doing today.  Combined, Jesse and Lisa have over 160,000 hours of professional speaking and success coaching under their belt.

Lisa started as a sales assistant at ABC-TV, then a media buyer, and eventually moved into sales which was her true passion in helping people build their businesses. Her desire to help others grow transferred over naturally when she started coaching and helping women live and design their best lives. In 2013, after 24 years in broadcast sales, Lisa retired from the corporate world to earn her PhD – her “Personal Happiness Decision.” Through her company LisaListen, she continues to inspire women to live and design their best lives—now.

Jesse has 36 years of hospitality and gaming industry experience. He started as a bus boy and moved up to the highest levels of management as Executive Director of Casino Marketing. Jesse has been speaking from the stage professionally for over 28 years and coaching professionals for more than 18 years. In over three decades Jesse has built relationships with and touched the lives of Whoopie Goldberg, Bruce Willis, Muhammad Ali, former world champion tennis player Zina Garrison, and world champion bull rider Charles Sampson — just to name a few.

Jesse graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) with a fine arts degree and a second baccalaureate in hotel administration. He went back to UNLV to serve as an adjunct professor for six years. His signature in the world is to leave others feeling great and wanting more which led him to author his book, How You Leave Them Feeling. The bedrock of his teaching is the Platinum Rule: treat others how they want to be treated. Jesse has an edutainment speaking style as he brings entertainment to education.

Jesse and Lisa were inspired to continue working together in creating The Breakthrough Success Plan, a “Signature Branding, Leadership Development, and Opportunity Creation” system for business professionals. What makes this program dynamic and unique is their male and female perspectives together with their vast professional experience. They have very different styles of coaching. Jesse is a natural born teacher and very methodical. Lisa is more direct and bottom line, with a what you see is what you get approach. Their passion of sharing their best gifts and talents expressed over the years is now offered to professionals like you, who want to share their best gifts and talents so they can get promoted and move to greater heights in their careers. Jesse and Lisa’s wish is to see you do just that, and they are here to assist you every step of the way!

Commit to you and your future today and let Jesse and Lisa show you how to crush your next level promotion and beyond!

Here's what others have to say about

The Breakthrough Success Plan

"Although every professional coach will tell you that they can make you a better executive, without a trusting environment, your goals can never be achieved. Jesse’s interpersonal skills set him apart from the rest and it’s why I have referred him numerous times to friends and colleagues. I credit Jesse for helping me advance in my career over the last 10 years."

- Maria Cohen, Vice President National Casino Marketing, Pinnacle Entertainment

"I have had the pleasure of having Jesse work with three of my teams through the years and he has over delivered for each and every one. He facilitated an executive committee retreat, on another he delivered a fantastic presentation to improve our VIP execution and lastly he was the Keynote Speaker for a Leadership Summit that became a Corporate Best Practice."

- Bill Wright, Senior Vice President Boyd Gaming, Boyd Gaming

"Jesse’s message is both dynamic and empowering. The material he presents is a well thought out “game plan” and pre-requisite for anyone looking to achieve greater success in any area of their life. The impact of his words have truly been powerful, inspiring and lasting. Thank you Jesse!"

- Rob Ciccone, President, Success Unlimited Sales & Marketing Group

Here are 2 ways you can get started today!

Monthly Pmt Plan


Per Month
  • Lifetime Access To The Breakthrough Success Plan
  • 9 Weekly Breakthrough Strategy Sessions
  • 2 Tickets to 1-Day Live Event
  • 4 Private Sessions with Jesse or Lisa -OR - 2 Private Sessions with Jesse & Lisa
  • 3  Additional Weekly Breakthrough Strategy Sessions
  • 2 Tickets to Additional 1-Day Live Event
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NEED HELP ORDERING OR HAVE QUESTIONS? For any questions regarding the program or our pricing plans above, don’t hesitate to contact us!