Breakthrough the challenges of today… and tomorrow!

We’re here to help with our



A combination of weekly group coaching and our Signature Branding pillar of The Breakthrough Success Plan.


We’re here to help you!

We have been helping entrepreneurs and organizations break through challenges for over 36 years.

We have taken organizations on the brink of bankruptcy to multi-million dollar companies.

We’ve taken international organizations from experiencing costly communication breakdowns to creating strong relationship building and superior communication.

We’ve helped entrepreneurs turn  toxic work environments with high turnover into teams with unwavering loyalty working harmoniously like a well-oiled machine.

We see challenges as opportunities. Even though we’re all experiencing today’s challenges for the first time, the same general principles apply.

Whatever you focus on expands.

What have you been focusing on? If it’s the problem, it’s time to shift that!

This is why we are offering our Entrepreneur Breakthrough Special as a way to not only help you get through these challenging times, but come out stronger than ever before from this point on.

For a very limited time we have significantly dropped the price of our group coaching – what we like to call Community IQ – so you can receive the personalized support you need now. And we’ve even added a SPECIAL BONUS just for you!

Each week, you can join us for


A huge $550 value for only $97 weekly. 

As a special bonus, you’ll receive FREE access to our SIGNATURE BRANDING pillar from our Breakthrough Success Plan virtual classroom consisting of the 3 modules shown below (a $900 value!).



Your signature is your personal brand. It’s how people see you and what they say about you when you’re not in the room. 

This program is a combination of amazing real-life tested strategies, systems, tools and processes all housed in a virtual classroom so you can learn on demand, at your own convenience and time. 

For the duration of your coaching, you’ll receive FREE ACCESS to these 3 important modules to up-level your Signature Brand!

Module 1: Emotional Intelligence

  • How to create strong connections to those who matter most so you stand out as the go-to person. End feeling disconnected and missing out on opportunities to build those important relationships.
  • Discover an invaluable process in how to really get people! A must if you lack an understanding of other personality types and their communication styles.
  • How to tune in to what drives you and others. Stop misreading or not knowing the motives of those you work with.

Module 2: Personal Growth


  • Discover a process to prepare you in moving to the next level of personal and professional achievement. Stop being overlooked and unrecognized for your contributions.
  • How to develop a positive attitude that impacts your performance and everyone around you. Move out of being stuck in a glass half empty pessimistic state of mind.
  • How to ignite your passion and create excitement in your business and life again. Overcome low self-esteem, stress, fear, resentment, anger and being disengaged from your business and life.

Module 3: Owning Your Strengths

  • How to build greater confidence just by being you. Let go of overcompensating for your weaknesses because you’re afraid what people might think if they were to ever see them.
  • How to let yourself shine by sharing what you do best. Stop hiding your best features by shrouding yourself with insecurity.
  • How to build trust by letting your values be your guide. Keep from weakening the trust with those who matter most.

This will be a very limited-time offer. 
If you would like to take part in this opportunity, please see the details below:


Thursdays | 12:00-1:00pm PST

Your investment is only

$550/week  $97/week

A huge $1450 value with BONUS included for only $97 weekly. 


A weekly autopay plan that can be cancelled anytime.

“Although every professional coach will tell you that they can make you a better executive, without a trusting environment, your goals can never be achieved. Jesse’s interpersonal skills set him apart from the rest and it’s why I have referred him numerous times to friends and colleagues. I credit Jesse for helping me advance in my career over the last 10 years.”

– Maria Cohen, Vice President National Casino Marketing, Pinnacle Entertainment


Battle tested and proven results

36 years

of expertise in speaking, coaching, strategic planning, and business development

16 years

in executive-level positions

18 years

of coaching

6 years

years serving as an adjunct professor

183,000 hours

hours of professional speaking and success coaching under their belt.


4.9 avg rating from 1,232 workshop attendees

We know the challenges of unforeseen events in business and in life.


Both of us have been in corporate for 35 years. Jesse went from being a busboy to becoming the Executive Director of Casino Marketing in that time. And Lisa managed an extremely challenging and often toxic corporate world while still climbing to the top positions and increasing her income to high six figures. All while single-handedly raising three children!

It was through our own personal struggles that we had to learn how to take new steps and find new strategies to turn things around in our careers so we can have the recognition, income and fulfillment we craved. Mind you, there was no Google and YouTube in our time, so we had to learn through trial and painful error.

Since then we’ve spent 183,000 hours coaching others to reach their breakthrough success, so we are certain that with the right tools, systems and support – YOU CAN TOO.

It’s time for you to STOP STRESSING, so that you can START LIVING again! 

“I highly recommend Lisa Ferrell as a professional trainer and life coach if you are looking for a dynamic, energetic, ethical, devoted person to influence your life for the better. She is no-nonsense, direct and to the point, with a unique ability to understand and relate to your situation, ultimately providing you the best professional advice you can get.”

– Julie Neil, Retired Broadcasting GM

Give your business the Immunity Boost it needs, not just for today, but from this day forward!


A weekly autopay plan that can be cancelled anytime.