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We’ve PASSIONATELY sought to share these amazing growth insights with you about this opportunity and enroll you in our course, because we absolutely KNOW you can change your life. Are you sick and tired of the the rat race getting you nowhere? You just need the right guidance and just the right plan to change and transform it all!

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– Lifetime Access to The Breakthrough Success Plan
– 2 Tickets to one 1-Day Live Event
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Your Investment: 3 payments of $900 or a Single Payment of $2500 (save $200)

– Lifetime Access to The Breakthrough Success Plan
– 9 Weekly Group Breakthrough Strategy Sessions
– 2 Tickets to one 2-Day Live Event
– FAST ACTION BONUS: Receive a 1-to-1 Private Session with Jesse or Lisa (valued at $700)
Your Investment: 3 payments of $2500 or a Single Payment of $7000 (save $500)

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The timing of this couldn’t be more perfect! With The Breakthrough Success Plan, you’ll FINALLY have the MASTER PLAN you’ve been hungry for. You’ll learn and know exactly what to do, and how to do it.

  1. You will start in our first pillar, SIGNATURE BRANDING, where you will learn to grow your emotional intelligence in order to enhance personal and professional growth.
  2. You will move on to our second pillar, LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT, which offers you the opportunity to fuel your inspiration with the power of effective communication! This all leads to the number one way to grow and evolve your professionalism by building sustainable relationships!
  3. Where would you be without creating opportunities for yourself rather than standing by waiting for it to happen? Everyone knows that answer, right? Which is why our final pillar is OPPORTUNITY CREATION where you’ll strike a crystal clear vision, upgrade your strategic thinking while creating value along the way!

These 3 key success pillars will gain you the recognition you deserve, the income that you want, and a life of fulfillment beyond your imagination.

We’ve poured our heart out to you because we know the difference this training can make in your life. No doubt, some of our emails are passionate, but we wanted you to know we’re excited and SERIOUS about helping you. That’s why we created this course – so people could start right here, right now, and get real training that helps them progress TODAY without struggling for answers and guidance that will not come by happenstance. It’s time to use our Breakthrough Success Plan to DESIGN your best life now!

This is your last call to ask any questions or get yourself registered with all the bonuses!

And remember, you get a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So you’ve got time to dig into our program, complete the exercises and see how this can CHANGE YOUR LIFE in a very positive way. If you don’t love it, then just request a refund within 30 days along with your completed exercises and we’ll be happy to give you back your entire investment. Just give the course a chance – that’s all you have to do. We’ve heard it said best by the author and speaker Brian Tracy, “Change Your Thinking…Change Your Life!”

Just sign up and test us out. If we are not your desired coaches, no harm, no foul, ask for a refund. But if you’re like our other highly successful clients, this day can literally be a new beginning for you as you master the art of breaking through to your desired success!

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