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Jesse and I would like to share a few stories with you from people who have gone through this training and how it prepared them for breakthrough success by designing and following a roadmap for promotion and elevation.

Jim is just one of our high level professional clients. Although we can’t share his full details due to the sensitivity and confidentiality of his advancement while using our program, what we can say is that Jim was diligently and consistently doing the work and it paid off enormously. Jim’s latest promotion placed him as the Senior Vice President of his multi-billion dollar company. He was rewarded with great fringe benefits, a 40% increase in his 6-figure salary, attractive stock options, and an unbelievable retirement package. Jim said that if he had not jumped on our Breakthrough Success Plan, he could have never been eligible to be promoted to this level.

Poppy is another client who entered our program feeling broken, lost, and ready to quit her high 6-figure job as the Senior Vice President of Facilities in the health field. She credits our Breakthrough Success Plan with giving her clarity, focus, new leadership skills, and the understanding of how to showcase her worth and value through Signature Branding. The success she gained on the program allowed her to be recruited by one of the most highly regarded government entities, and she’s thriving both on and off the job. She says that she’s never been better positioned to soar in her entire career.

Here’s exactly what we’ll be covering in the webinar:

Secret #1
Discover a Proven Plan to Stand Out and Stand Strong…so you can uplevel your career (no more being passed over and feeling lost in the shuffle with no direction and no clue).

Secret #2
Learn the Best Way to Build Relationships the Right Way With the Right People All the Time…so the days of being left behind and overlooked are a thing of the past.

Secret #3
How to Create a Crystal Clear Vision of What You Want and Where You Want to Go…so that you can create a roadmap for success while shedding your uncertainty and doubt forever!

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Jesse & Lisa Ferrell
Creators, The Breakthrough Success Plan

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