The Breakthrough Success Plan helps you unlock opportunities for 

  • elevating your career,
  • gaining recognition,
  • and  becoming a highly valued and rewarded leader.

Experience the main elements of TBSP in a 17-minute Masterclass.


Battle tested and proven results

36 years

of expertise in speaking, coaching, strategic planning, and business development

16 years

in executive-level positions

22 years

of coaching

6 years

years serving as an adjunct professor

289,789 hours

hours of professional speaking and success coaching under their belt.


4.9 avg rating from 1,232 workshop attendees

We know what it's like to be overworked, unrecognized and underpaid.


Both of us have been in corporate for 35 years. Jesse went from being a busboy to becoming the Executive Director of Casino Marketing in that time. And Lisa managed an extremely challenging and often toxic corporate world while still climbing to the top positions and increasing her income to high six figures. All while single-handedly raising three children!

It was through our own personal struggles that we had to learn how to take new steps and find new strategies to turn things around in our careers so we can have the recognition, income and fulfillment we craved. Mind you, there was no Google and YouTube in our time, so we had to learn through trial and painful error.

Since then we’ve spent 183,000 hours coaching others to reach their breakthrough success, so we are certain that with the right tools, systems and support - YOU CAN TOO.

It’s time for you to STOP STRESSING, so that you can START LIVING again! 

"Although every professional coach will tell you that they can make you a better executive, without a trusting environment, your goals can never be achieved. Jesse’s interpersonal skills set him apart from the rest and it’s why I have referred him numerous times to friends and colleagues. I credit Jesse for helping me advance in my career over the last 10 years."

- Maria Cohen, Vice President National Casino Marketing, Pinnacle Entertainment

“I highly recommend Lisa Ferrell as a professional trainer and life coach if you are looking for a dynamic, energetic, ethical, devoted person to influence your life for the better. She is no-nonsense, direct and to the point, with a unique ability to understand and relate to your situation, ultimately providing you the best professional advice you can get.”

– Julie Neil, Retired Broadcasting GM

How can we help you?

Free Guide

How To Breakthrough Mindset Guide

Your development and the growth of what matters most to you is contingent upon your communication and connection with others. Regardless of how powerful or advanced others seem to be, nobody gets there by themselves. Even the great ones.  

This guide will boost your chances of getting ahead, gaining recognition and reducing stress is about to begin. 

Free PDF

5 Key Components of Emotional Intelligence

Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a critical component of your Signature Brand. So understanding your EQ is an important part of understanding yourself and your brand.

Along with Leadership Development and Opportunity Creation, your Signature Brand is paramount in helping you uplevel both yourself and your entire team.

Free eBook

How You Leave Them Feeling

The fundamental building block for achieving your goals is learning how you and your actions affect others. Simply put, how you leave other people feeling and how people perceive you have a profound effect on the quality of your life. 

This book explores attitude, communication and personal growth for achieving the life you’ve always dreamed of having. 

Free Masterclass

G.R.A.S.P. the Gap

Looking to bridge the gap between overwhelm and productivity?

This 17-minute masterclass has the blueprint.

Learn to "G.R.A.S.P. the Gap" and transform an uninspired, underperforming team into a motivated, ambitious squad of problem solving rockstars.

G.R.A.S.P. harnesses the power of Signature Branding, Leadership Development and Opportunity Creation to build a team capable of maximizing Fulfillment, Recognition and Income.


Signature Program

The Breakthrough Success Plan


Our Breakthrough Success Plan is a combination of amazing real-life tested strategies, systems, tools and processes all housed in a virtual classroom so you can learn on demand, at your own convenience and time. 

It is a... 

  • Signature Branding,
  • Leadership Development,
  • and  Opportunity Creation system for business professionals like you.

The online portion of the program includes LIFETIME ACCESS to 9 power-packed video modules in your secure members area.

On top of that, you get private coaching sessions with us - Jesse & Lisa. 

As you can see, it’s all tailored to your needs and to your breakthrough success.


Success isn’t magic, it’s cause and effect.

The Breakthrough Success Plan is the roadmap you can use to gain the Income, Recognition and Fulfillment that you deserve.

It’s the roadmap that took us 36 years to chart and perfect, so that we can now show you the fastest and easiest way to reach your desired destination.

We help the overworked, unrecognized and underpaid.
Unfortunately, this means 98% of managers, executives and department heads.

  • They have a dysfunctional team,
  • Endless stress and fires to put out, 
  • They are disengaged from their work and life,
  • Fear and resentment are their constant emotional state

Become the leader everyone admires, values and supports.

  • They are the rare 2% (maybe even 1%).
  • They can turn employees into supporters, colleagues into friends, bosses into allies, and leads into clients.
  • They create and bring value to every table, which is why all the raises and promotions seem to end up at theirs.

“It isn’t often that a person can read a book, gain personal insights into their own life and then see positive changes in a short time, but that is exactly what happened to me after reading this book. Mr. Ferrell doesn’t just present ideas, thoughts and concepts, he shows you how to take those and make them a part of your life.”

– John K. Gramley


“When you put the powerful, proven insights from Jesse’s book into action, you will be a more effective person, and get more done in every part of your life. Your future can be unlimited.”

- Brian Tracy, Professional Speaker, Best Selling Author & Consultant


"Jesse’s message is both dynamic and empowering. The material he presents is a well thought out “game plan” and pre-requisite for anyone looking to achieve greater success in any area of their life. The impact of his words have truly been powerful, inspiring and lasting. Thank you Jesse!"

- Rob Ciccone, President, Success Unlimited Sales & Marketing Group


“Jesse was the best keynote speaker I have heard in my 49 year history at Pro Chem. I appreciated the time he took prior to the engagement to get to know key members on our team. It was the difference maker in delivering his keynote. Many of my employees said they felt like Jesse was talking directly to them. His talk moved us. Jesse is a man after my own heart!” 

- Warren Alifeld – Founder, Pro Chem


“Lisa Ferrell showed amazing and rare vulnerability in her speaking style. The stories she shared about raising her children as a single parent were very inspiring. She related those stories to how she helps her clients with the same direct, no-nonsense yet loving approach. I will use this for myself and within my company and staff. Thank you."

- Beth Bombard-Culver

Boost your chances of getting ahead, gaining recognition and reducing stress.


Experience the main elements of TBSP in a 17-minute Masterclass.